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Some recent publications in renowned magazines and portals


> AECBYTES, November 2023: Enhancing Efficiency and Precision in HVAC Design at a Healthcare Facility: FineHVAC Case Study

> AECBYTES, March 2023: Smart MEP Design for a Large-scale Residential Project using FineMEP

> AECMagazine, November 2022: FineHVAC software helps deliver HVAC for World Cup stadium

> ITC (IntelliCAD) Blog, March 2022: Spotlight on 4M FineGREEN: BIM Energy Simulation

> AECBYTES, March 2022: Qatar Foundation Stadium for the 2022 FIFA World Cup: FineHVAC Case Study

> ITC (IntelliCAD) Blog, February 2022: Spotlight on 4M FineFIRE: BIM Fire Fighting Design

> AECMagazine, July 2021: FineSANI aids plumbing BIM design in the Jazan Economic City

> Cadalyst, June 2021: Benefits of BIM in Fire Protection Design - Case study of a large industrial plant by FineFIRE

> Edificar, April 2021: Revista Edificar publica un análisis de la Suite BIM de 4M - Edificar#79

> AECMagazine, March 2021: Mintronics to offer 4M’s CAD and BIM tools in the UK

> ITC (IntelliCAD) Blog, March 2021: 4M an ITC foundation member: Arcicles and Press Releases

> AECBYTES, January 2021: BIM in Fire Safety at Coca-Cola HBC: FineFIRE Case Study

> AECBYTES, May 2020: FINE MEP: BIM for MEP Engineering

> BatiBTP, April 2020: Nouvelle Génération FineMEP: Fonctions de modélisation avancées

> Cadalyst, May 2019: 4M Restructures IDEA Architecture for Version 19

> AECBYTES, February 2019: IDEA Architecture 19

> ODA Organization, December 2018: Smart design of BIM software based on the ODA Platform

> AECBYTES, December 2017: Energy Modeling with FineGREEN: A Case Study

> ITC (IntelliCAD) Blog, March 2012: 4M Combines Technologies to Deliver BIM Applications

> ITC (IntelliCAD) Blog, January 2009: Elxis S. A. adopts IntelliCAD-based 4M FINE MEP to meet their Olympic design needs