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 100% DWG

Our CAD Software use DWG as their native file format. You can open and modify drawings created by AutoCAD and vice-versa without any import or export.

Similar Look & Feel

4MCAD offers a very friendly environment for professionals knowing how to use AutoCAD.


High Value for the Price

With 4MCAD you get an advanced CAD Software with similar performance level but for only a fraction of the price.


Unrivaled Compatibility with AutoCAD


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4MCAD Features & Highlights



What's new in 4MCAD23


  • Redeveloped on top of the latest ICAD10.1a engine
  • Significant advantages by using the new ODA libraries (SDKs v.2021.11)
  • 64bit power engine with best performances on any level
  • Option for cloud-based multi-licensing

User interface

  • Enhanced interface with new features concerning the dialog boxes, the status bar, the drawing window and others
  • New contextual menu enhancements for arrays, tables, multiline text and others.

Improved performance

  • Significantly faster while selecting entities (up to 7 times)
  • Two times faster while handling grips & snaps, regenerating large drawings and switching layouts.
  • Completely re-engineered OpenGL graphics engine for even higher performance.

Enriched Interoperability

  • New options for Importing a) map files  (.shp, .sdf, sqlite), b) pdf files with multiple options, and c) point data from .csv & .txt files.
  • Placement of an Excel® file as a table in the drawing.
  • Compatibility with Revit® 2021 files

New features and capabilities

  • New features regarding the insertion of dynamic blocks
  • Support of 3Dconnexion input devices
  • Enhanced layer management (i.e. “Layer Previous” command to reverse changes made to layer settings, restore a layer state, apply more options to layer filters etc)
  • New options while selecting and/or modifying entities (i.e. for moving selected entities, specifying additional grips for blocks, use of new Rectangular Array, Polar Array, Path Array and Edit Array commands)
  • New commands for group entities (i.e. Quick Group, Group Edit and Ungroup).
  • New options for Tables (data, formulas and fields in table cells, linked data from an .xls file, assignment of table styles and others)
  • New capabilities regarding Text (i.e. tabs for multiline text
  • Enhanced printing and publishing commands
  • Digital Signature for dwg files


4MCAD23: Summary of Features

DWG format full compatibility

  • Native .dwg file support
  • Read/Write to Autocad format 

Interoperability – working with files

  • Import IFC files (4MCAD PRO)
  • PDF to CAD conversion -DWG file (4MCAD PRO)
  • Import Revit files (RFA and RVT format files) (4MCAD PRO)
  • Import/Export IGES format files (4MCAD PRO)
  • Import/Export STEP format files (4MCAD PRO)
  • Import/Export ACIS 3D Solids *.sat
  • Working with point clouds – attaching point cloud .rcp/.rcs files
  • Import 3D Collada *.dae
  • 3D PDF  Export
  • Export - 2D/3D *.pdf, *.svg, *,dwf, *.bmp, *.emf, *.wmf, *.dwf & *.stl file extensions
  • Open/Save - *.dwg, *.dxf, *,dwf, *.dxb & *.dwt file extensions

BIM entities/objects (4MCAD PRO)

  • ADT Objects (architectural desktop objects): Creates ADT walls, openings (windows, doors), curtain walls, stairs, ramps, roofs, rails, studs, joists etc
  • Conversion of entities to walls and slabs.
  • Steel Elements: creates steelwork elements: profiles, plates, bolts, studs, joists etc.
  • Wood Elements: creates woodwork elements.
  • Creation of elevation lines and section lines.

3D Solid Modelling (4MCAD PRO)

  • Conversion of entities to three-dimensional meshes or surfaces using the Convert to Mesh and Convert to Surface commands.
  • Facet Modeler to draw these 3D entity types: box (FMBOX), cone (FMCONE), cylinder (FMCYLINDER), pyramid (FMPYRAMID), sphere (FMSPHERE), and torus (FMTORUS).
  • Draw construction lines using the new Construction Line command.
  • FM3DCONVERT and FMEXTRUDE commands to convert more types of three-dimensional entities to other types of three-dimensional entities.
  • Editing of the 3D entities of the new Facet Modeler: 3D convert (FM3DCONVERT), extrude (FMEXTRUDE), intersect (FMINTERSECT), revolve (FMREVOLVE), subtract (FMSUBTRACT), and union (FMUNION)


  • Tool Palette (acad-like Tool Palette)
  • Ribbon menus & menu bar interface, both together at the same time.
  • Α number of facilities and auxiliary tools such as Quick CUI command, Right-click a drawing tab to see options for the tab, Cursor Types (regular, gunsightand XOR when overlapping a same color area), “Save Workspace” command for saving a workspace and its settings, “Close All Others” command to close all drawing windows except the current one and many others.

Blocks and External references

  • Insertion of Dynamic blocks
  • Convert Block to XRef to convert each occurrence of a selected block to an external reference.
  • Find and replace blocks (4MCAD Standard & 4MCAD PRO)
  • Block Library with up to 1000 blocks (4MCAD PRO)
  • Block Library Manager (4MCAD PRO)

Selecting and modifying entities

  • Selection Filter command to display the Selection Filter pane (allowing to filter and select entities by layer, color, entity type, and linetype).
  • Selection Cycling tab to specify how to select when selecting entities that overlap.
  • Overkill command to delete or combine duplicate or overlapping entities.
  • View and select a range of actions on the Undo/Redo toolbar
  • Thicken command to convert surfaces and meshes into three-dimensional solids with a specified thickness (4MCAD PRO).
  • Additional grips and properties to polygons, rectangles and break lines, for smart editing.


  • Advanced Photo-realistic 3D Rendering (4MCAD Standard & 4MCAD PRO)
  • Raster Image Support (4MCAD Standard & 4MCAD PRO)
  • Graphical Block Preview
  • CAMERA command to create and modify view settings for a drawing


  • Work with multiline text using right-to-left fonts.
  • Create additional types of lists for multiline text.
  • Resize text using the Scale Text command.
  • Draw a circle, rectangle, or dashed line around text using the Enclose Text with Shape command.
  • Position text within a defined space using the Text Fit command.


  • Export Layout to Model (.dwg)
  • Publish drawings to DWF and DWFx.
  • 3D Printing files
  • Auto Publish command to automatically create electronic files (.dwf/.pdf) from the current drawing.


  • Microsoft .NET 4.5 API - .NET wrappers for architectural objects.
  • Load IRX applications automatically in IntelliCAD via the registry.
  • Autodesk® Development System (ADS) support
  • Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications - VBA 7.1 (4MCAD PRO)
  • LISP support (including DCL)

Enhanced Performance

  • High performance when snapping to .pdf files, blocks with many nested entities and point clouds.
  • Zoom and Pan, extremely fast for clipped external references.
  • Opening external reference files much faster.
  • Enhanced performance when selecting by window.
  • Incremental saving of .dwg files is supported, providing much faster saving of large .dwg files that contain only a few changes.


 CAD features 4MCAD Classic 4MCAD Standard 4MCAD PRO

AutoCAD Full


  • Native .dwg file support


  • *.dwg file support for v2.5 up to Latest Version
  • Classic Toolbars and Ribbon GUI support

  • MicroStation *.dgn native Open file support
  • Open/Save - Supports *.dwg, *.dxf, *,dwf, *.dxb & *.dwt file extensions
  • Export - Supports 2D/3D *.pdf, *.svg, *,dwf, *.bmp, *.emf, *.wmf, *.dwf & *.stl file extensions
  • Import - Supports 3D Collada *.dae
  • Import/Export - Supports ACIS 3D Solids *.sat
  • STEP & IGES Import/Export
  • Vectored PDF files Import for direct editing
  • BIM support *.ifc, *.rvt/*.rfa
  • Attach point cloud .rcp/.rcs files.
  • Support for command Line
  • Support for 3D surface commands
  • Facet Modeler for lightweight 3D drawings.
  • Support for 3D Solids modeling
  • Architectural entities such as walls, windows, doors, openings, stairs, railings & slabs, etc.
  • Block Library with up to 1000 blocks
  • CTB color table files / STB style table files
  • 3D PDF  Export
  • 3D Printing files
  • Printing, Publishing with eTransmit
  • LISP support (including DCL)
  • Autodesk® Development System (ADS) support
  • Object IRX for custom entity creation
  • AutoCAD® software menu (.mnu) and script (.scr) files
  • Object IRX for custom entity creation
  • Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications - VBA 7.1
  • Raster Image Support (See full list of supported image file extensions)
  • Work with Multiple Open Drawing
  • Explorer for managing layers, block, line types, and more
  • Express tools
  • Tool palettes
  • Microsoft .NET 4.5 API
  • Script Recorder
  • Graphical Block Preview
  • Dynamic blocks
  • Find and replace blocks
  • PDF to DWG Add-on module  (convert PDF files to DWG files)
  • Advanced Photo-realistic 3D Rendering 
  • Block Library Manager
  • Price (Stand alone versions)
125,00 170,00 270,00 subscription subscription


4MCAD is available in four versions:

4MCAD Viewer: CAD Viewing & Printing 

4MCAD Classic: 2D/3D CAD Complete Design (lowest price/highest value for the 2D designers)

4MCAD Standard: 4MCAD Classic + Raster Image + Rendering

4MCAD PRO (Professional): 4MCAD Standard + Files (BIM/IFC, STEP, IGES, Revit-RFA/RVT, +PDF2DWG) + ADT Objects (Conventional/Steel/Wood) + 3D Solids + VBA support + Library Manager


4MCAD PRO and 4MCAD Standard are also available in HK (hardlock key) and CK (cloud key) licenses.

More specifically here are all the three different types of licenses:

1. Software Key License

  • A unique serial number will be provided for Software activation over internet
  • License can be transferred to some other computer using "Deactivate" button in Startup Wizzard
  • There is no limit on number of License Transfers
  • Internet connection needed during activation and deactivation
  • One license will work only in computer at a given point of time
  • Need to connect user computer to Internet after 30 days offline

2. Cloud Key License

  • A unique serial number will be provided for Software use
  • License is controlled by 4M Cloud License Server
  • One License will work in any one computer over internet at a given point of time
  • No need of activation or deactivation
  • Install software in any computer, give the Serial Number, and use it
  • Once you exit 4MCAD, license will be transferred back to cloud server automatically
  • License can be used in any global location
  • This method is ideal for changing work locations
  • Internet connection is needed always in client computer for License Communication

3. Hardlock Key License

  • USB Dongle and a serial number will be sent physically to client
  • Install software in any Windows based computer, connect USB dongle, give the Serial Number and use the software
  • Dongle can be shifted to any computer and no need to uninstall/reinstall the software
  • No need to contact us even if the computer is formatted or crashed
  • No need of internet or LAN connection
  • If USB dongle is damaged, a new USB dongle can be purchased. But if dongle is lost, client needs to buy new license


4MCAD can be used on a wide range of areas 

See below some examples of what you can do with 4MCAD